Yep, Verizon is Raising Rates on Unlimited Plans and You Likely Just Got Notified

Verizon 5G

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There’s a chance that you missed out on the breaking news last week and are finding out yesterday for the first time, thanks to a Verizon email that landed in your inbox. Yes, Verizon is raising rates on some of its best unlimited data plans.

Again, this news first hit last week, but Verizon has now sent emails to impacted customers, letting them know that their rates are going up on each line of their account. We’re talking about customers with the 5G Get More5G Play More5G Do More, and 5G Start unlimited plans that were introduced years ago and then rebranded at the beginning of 2022 to these current names. If you have held onto these plans, check your inboxes.

The email introduces an “important account update” that tells you there will be no action required on your end. No action is required because Verizon says that “to continue improving our industry-leading mobile network and services, we’re adjusting our plan prices.” For the plans I listed above, customers will see increases of $4/mo per line, so if you have 1-2-3-4 lines, you can do some math to figure out how much more you’ll be paying.

I included the email below, which also mentions that all of the freebies included in some of the plans (like my 5G Play More plan) are not changing or going away. If you had freebies like the Disney Bundle or Apple Arcade, they should still be included. I have a feeling it is only a matter of time before these bonuses are shown the door.

Verizon Rate Increases 2024

Verizon is trying to make-up for the price increase on some level by handing out additional hotspot data to some plans. They are handing my 5G Play More plan an extra 5GB of data to use. If you are on another plan, feel free to share if they are giving you any sort of “more” like they did on my plan.

The $4/mo per line increases will go live “beginning 3.1.24” and will then be effective on the billing cycle following that date. In other words, your price increase isn’t coming today, you are simply getting notified about the upcoming increase. You have a little over a month to decide if you are fine with your current plan even if you have to pay more, want to change to something else Verizon offers, or that it’s time to leave for T-Mobile, AT&T, or one of the various prepaid outfits.



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