We Need to Talk About Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Flat Display

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Leading up to our full review, you’ll find me highlighting a few things on the Galaxy S24 Ultra that absolutely deserve it. For instance, I talked about the phone’s battery life earlier this week. It’s really good. Another aspect of the phone that has actually taken me by surprise has to do with the hardware. More specifically, the flat display. We need to talk about it.

I completely underestimated how nice the flat display would be. Back when every phone maker was doing the curved display, it made sense from a logical standpoint to make the devices more round and manageable in the hand as their sizes increased. In-hand, though, it’s different. While I’m sure plenty of folks are fine with curved edges, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s flat display feels amazing and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

The flat display improves the gesture navigation experience immensely. On a curved display, you have to be mindful about how deep you place you thumb to ensure you’re activating the back gesture. On a flat display, on a device with a proper edge to it, there’s no second guessing — you know exactly where your thumb needs to be and it feels so darn good.

Cases are also something to consider. With a curved display, phone cases are limited in the protection they can provide to the edges of the display. With this flat design, I can throw the S24 Ultra in a case and feel relatively confident that regardless of the angle I drop the phone, I’ll have a solid chance at not obliterating the screen.

I can save the next piece for my full review, but I also want to quickly highlight the titanium frame. Do I think it’s silly that Apple did titanium and now Samsung is doing titanium? Yes, but it does feel extremely nice in-hand. It wraps around this flat display like butter. Again, I’ll speak more to it in our review, but this is the best Galaxy Ultra hardware Samsung has ever produced. Period.

It’s flat displays or bust for me moving forward.

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