Galaxy S24 Ultra’s $50 Reserves Hit Final Days

Galaxy S23 Ultra - S24 Ultra Pre-Orders

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We took a brief look at the countdown to Samsung’s next Unpacked event and can’t believe we are down to only a few days remaining until the Galaxy S24 Series is official. For those who haven’t yet, it’s time to reserve (here) and get that bonus $50 credit to use alongside your pre-order the minute it opens. Samsung has also been more specific on the highest pre-order savings.

In their initial announcement, Samsung said to expect pre-order savings up to $1,020. They have since adjusted that bit of news to $970. I’m guessing the $50 reserve credit got bundled into there when it wasn’t supposed to be. Either way, we now know for sure the top discount or savings and it is $970.

$970 SAVINGS WITH GALAXY S24 ULTRA: OK, so we know that $970 is the top discount when Galaxy S24 Ultra pre-orders go live. As of today, Samsung says you can “Reserve to get $50 in Samsung Credit and up to an additional $970 in savings when you pre-order the newest phone from Galaxy.” While we don’t have all of the details surrounding that, we’re pretty sure we know how to get there.

Typically, Samsung likes to offer higher trade-in values as well as a storage upgrade out of the gate. The fine print on the reservation page confirms the storage upgrade again, so we’ll just look right at last year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra pre-order deal to talk through the rest.

My guess (at the moment) is we’ll see $750 off if you trade-in a Galaxy S23 Ultra, plus you’ll get double the storage for free ($120 value). That right there is a total savings of $870. To get to the full $970, well, we have to look at the pre-order credit that comes at pre-order time (not the $50 reserve), which varies depending on the S24 you are pre-ordering. If you pre-order a Galaxy S24 Ultra, you’ll get $100 credit to use towards accessories. That gets us to the full $970. And of course, you also get the reserve $50 to spend with that $100 credit, leading to some nice accessory purchases alongside your S24 Ultra.

Recapping all of that, Samsung is now saying $970 in total savings with Galaxy S24 pre-orders, plus the $50 bonus reserve credit. For now, it’s looking like they are matching the Galaxy S23 launch and that means pretty solid discounts, especially knowing Samsung’s instant credit trade-in program is a part of it.

Time to lock-in that bonus $50 reservation while you can by hitting this link.



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