Widgets on Lock Screens Could Happen Again in Android 15

Android - Lock Screen Widgets

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Lock screen widgets are a big iOS feature, if you can believe that. You may think that sounds like the silliest of ideas knowing that Google already added and then removed lock screen widgets from Android years ago, but yes, users of Apple devices find them to be a pleasant feature introduction. They give you info at your phone’s first screen, allow for shortcuts to more apps, etc.

Should Google bring back lock screen widgets to Android? I think so, but my opinion means little since we now think Google may already be working on the idea. Evidence from within the latest Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3 suggests this feature is very much a work-in-progress and so the arrival timing could be around Android 15 or beyond.

The report of lock screen widgets returning to Android comes from Mishaal Rahman, where he shared details of a new “communal” space on the lock screen of his Pixel Tablet that was initially hidden. He managed to get it turned on and then found a way to bring up the widget picker and choose from a few Google app widgets (like Calendar, Clock, and the Google App).

Once those widgets were added, they overlapped the normal lock screen space, which is likely because this is early work from Google that he discovered. Still, this could be a sign that Google is planning to bring lock screen widgets back in some form.

Android 15 - Lock Screen Widgets

Mishaal does wonder if this might be a feature for bigger-screened devices, only because devices like the Pixel Tablet have a Hub Mode when docked that brings up home controls. Hub Mode with personalized widgets could lead to an improved experience as it would allow for more info to be displayed at all times on a big display, like the Pixel Tablet has. As of today, Hub Mode is a bare-bones, mostly worthless experience that still requires a wake and then tap to even get to home controls. Anything would help improve it, like these widgets.

To recap, widgets on Android lock screens may or may not be coming or they may just come to big devices like tablets. As of today, all we know is that Google is working on something that resembles this idea and we’re all for them bringing them back. Let’s just hope they expand to phones too.



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