Samsung Dropping $1,020 Off for Galaxy S24 Pre-Orders

Galaxy S23 Ultra - S24 Pre-orders

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Once Samsung opens up Galaxy S24 pre-orders after showing off the new S Series on January 17, we expect the deals to be about as good as they’ll be for the life of each phone. Samsung almost always pumps up trade-in values out of the gate and adds on bonus credits and tosses in discounted accessories to get you to pull the trigger the minute they announce new devices. As far as we know so far, they are planning to do the same for the Galaxy S24.

In a brief announcement this week to talk about Galaxy AI on the S24 Series, Samsung once again told us to reserve the Galaxy S24 in order to lock-in a special $50 credit that can be used during pre-orders. But they also shared how much of a discount they plan to give you.

$1,020 OFF GALAXY S24: For Galaxy S24 pre-order deals, Samsung says they have ways for you to “save up to $1,020” in addition to the bonus credit. Their reservation page (here) also talks about credits available during pre-orders that apparently stack with the $50 bonus credit. Those credits jump from $25 to $75 to $100, likely depending on which phone you choose – Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, or Galaxy S24 Ultra.

For the $1,020, they have not given us the breakdown on how you can get that full discount. However, my guess (based off of previous deals) is that they will give you up to $900 off if you trade-in a Galaxy S23 Ultra, plus they’ll double your storage from 256GB to 512GB ($120 value). You can add those two numbers together to get the $1,020, right?

To recap, here is what the best Galaxy S24 Ultra pre-order deal will likely look like:

  • $50 bonus credit for reserving (here)
  • $25/$75/$100 credit per device (S24/S24+/S24 Ultra)
  • Up to $900 off with trade-in
  • Free storage upgrade from 256GB to 512GB

Since we don’t know the price of the S24 Ultra, we don’t know what a $1,020 discount looks like in the end for your wallet. The Galaxy S23 Ultra started at $1,199 last year, and if the S24 Ultra starts out at the same mark, this pre-order discount would get you one for $179. We’ll take that, won’t we?

To start on this journey to a max Galaxy S24 Ultra discount, hit this reservation page.



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