Grab a Galaxy Tab S8 Up to $380 Off to Start

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 - Deal

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Samsung is running a series of deals on almost everything they sell during this holiday season, from phones to tablets to vacuums and super expensive monitors and TVs. And we’re talkingĀ everything, even the older stuff that I’m sure they’d like to move on from. Like the Galaxy Tab S8 Series, which can be had with straight discounts that don’t require trade-ins or anything extra.

The entire Galaxy Tab S8 Series (Tab S8, S8+, and S8 Ultra) are all discounted right now. You can save $180 off the smallest S8 model, $270 off the Tab S8+, and $380 off the Tab S8 Ultra. Again, those are instant discounts to start, no trades required,.

While this tablet isn’t as shiny and new as the Galaxy Tab S9, it’s still a fully-spec’d big slate with years of updates to come. This is one of those first devices that Samsung promised 4 OS updates to as well as 5 years of security patches. Buying a Galaxy Tab S8 at the end of 2023 still means another few years of updates ahead.

$380 OFF, PLUS TRADES: The biggest discount you’ll find is on the high-end Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra model where we are looking at $380 off. With a starting price of $1,099, that discount drops you to $719. The Tab S8+’s $280 discount drops it to $629 and the Tab S8’s $180 off brings it to $509.

If you’d like to increase that discount, Samsung is always offering their instant discount trade-in program that’ll save you more. You can trade in smartwatches, tablets, and phones here, so whatever you have in a drawer to part with, I’d hit this link and check the value to see what will get you the biggest discount.

Some examples are a Tab S7+ adding $190 off, an iPad Pro getting you $380 off, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro getting $150 off, and the list goes on. While these won’t be the highest trade-in values in the land (because the Tab S8 is older), it’s still worth checking values on and improving the full discount.

I feel like tablets just aren’t something you need the newest of the new on if the slightly older models are this heavily discounted. Could be worth a look, again even to check to see what your trade-ins are worth.

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