Final Days for 25% Off Galaxy Z Fold 5, Free Storage Upgrade, $1,000 Trade-In

Galaxy Z Fold 5 - Best Holiday Deal

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There’s a good chance you remember the deal from a couple of weeks ago for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 that took 25% off, gave you $1,000 off with trade-ins, upgraded the storage for free, and potentially added a bonus $25 off for being awesome. That deal is somehow still here and live, but only for a couple of days.

This remains the best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal I’ve seen, even over the pre-order deals since the trade-in values for additional phones are higher this time around. Should you not have a trade, Samsung still just gives 25% off as well as double the storage.

Time to walk through this process and get you $1,345 off a Fold 5.

25% OFF TO START: The Shop Samsung app is the key to everything here. Because Samsung so badly wants you to use its app to buy goods, it is willing to give you 25% off for doing so. There are no tricks here or special requirements other than you using Shop Samsung. If you click a special deal link (like this one) from a mobile device and have the Shop Samsung app installed, you’ll get 25% off on the Fold 5 to start.

With 25% off, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 immediately drops to $1,349 before you do anything else. Since they continue to double the storage to 512GB for free, that’s $570 off for using their silly app. With no app, you’d pay $1,799.

$1,000 TRADE-IN: Like they were at the beginning of this Fold 5 deal, Samsung is giving you more money for more phones. The list of devices that will get you $1,000 instantly off is longer than it has ever been.

For example, you can get $1,000 off by trading in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Fold 4, or Galaxy Fold 3. In previous deals, the Fold 3 topped out at $800. Speaking of the $800 bracket, you are also now seeing the Galaxy S21 Ultra for the first time, alongside the S22 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. As you can see, this list is quite long for big trades.

That in mind, understand that the 25% off is applied after tell Samsung what your trade-in is. If you don’t trade, you just get 25% off the full price, but if you do, Samsung first discounts the trade value and then takes 25%.

FREE STORAGE UPGRADE: Samsung is giving you a free upgrade from 256GB to 512GB storage on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 as a part of this deal. This isn’t a new concept, but we do love it as a way to sweeten this expensive purchase. This is a $120 value.

EXTRA $25 BONUS: As another bonus for using the Shop Samsung app, Samsung will give you a bonus $25 off for your first purchase. If you didn’t take any of the previous deals we’ve highlighted recently, you could pay as little as $574.99 for the Fold 5. Combining a trade-in at $1,000, plus the 25% discount, with the free storage upgrade, and then this extra $25 bonus, you will get to that price instead of paying the $1,919.

You can get up to $1,345 off as long as you hit that link below from your mobile device and have the Shop Samsung app installed. This is absolutely worth it, even if you don’t love the idea of shopping in this app.

Samsung Deal Link (click from mobile device)



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