Pixel Watch 2 Gets First Discount to $299 ($50 Off)

Google Pixel Watch 2 - Replacement

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After skipping out on any Black Friday promos, Google has now dropped the price of the Pixel Watch 2 for the first time. Starting now at $299, you can grab the newest Pixel Watch at its best price to date, if you don’t count that limited Google Fi promo from days ago.

The Pixel Watch 2 typically retails for $349 if you only need WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity and then jumps to $399 for an added LTE connection. Those prices are now $299 and $349, respectively. All colors appear to be discounted at various retailers, all of whom have matched Google’s $50 discount.

PIXEL WATCH 2 REVIEW: In our recent Pixel Watch 2 review, we talked about its design, performance, improved battery life, and Fitbit integration as all being high points. This watch lasts more than a day, tracks everything necessary in the health space, looks sharp as hell on the wrist, and will run everything you throw at it. Our biggest complaints involved durability (it’s a domed glass design that certainly isn’t tough) and price, one of which has now been reduced for the holidays. The durability issue is something you’ll have to deal with on your own.

$50 OFF DEAL: Should you buy the Pixel Watch 2 at $50 off or see if there is a better deal to be had down the road? My guess is that $50-off will be the norm for this watch for a while. This watch is still so new, and with the lack of Black Friday deals, I assume Google would rather not discount this as often as it did with the first Pixel Watch. So for now, this is probably about the best price you’ll find. Come next year, as we cruise into the spring, things could change.

For those looking, you’ll find the polished silver, matte black, and champagne gold cases, with various active bands, all discounted. And again, both WiFi/Bluetooth and LTE models are seeing this best Pixel Watch 2 deal.

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