This is the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the Wild

Galaxy S24 Ultra - Leak

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Forget Black Friday for a second so that we can talk about the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung’s next big flagship phone, with its flatter design, has leaked in the hands of a human well before it will be announced.

Backing up for a second, we’ve seen the renders and read earlier reports suggesting that Samsung may have caught the memo stating that people can’t stand curved displays. Google saw it and gave us the Pixel 8 Pro of our dreams, with a flatter and more-pleasant-to-use design. It’s now Samsung’s turn with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, although I have my concerns after seeing both the renders and now this supposed in-hand device.

Today, we have images of the Galaxy S24 Ultra shared by Twitter user @DavidMa05368498 that known-leaker Ice Universe believes are the real deal. The device in the hand matches up perfectly to the S24 Ultra renders from weeks back as a familiar design from Samsung, although it is indeed flatter on the display and backside. The frame still looks a bit curved, but the overall takeaway here is that Samsung did indeed listen.

Galaxy S24 Ultra - In Hand

The camera setup looks familiar with the exact same sensor setup from the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Obviously, we could have new cameras in the same slots, but the alignment on the back is identical. Button placement on the frames is as well. The only difference in appearance when compared to the S23 Ultra, is that flat display upfront. There isn’t much else to say either, other than – it’s flat. We love it. Our only concerns now are those sharp, sharp corners because, man, they look pointy.

Can we officially pour one out for curved displays or is OnePlus still holding on? Yeah, I think they are.



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