Samsung Slaps 25% Off Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+, Flip 5, and Fold 5 for BF

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Best Black Friday Deal

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The actual day of Black Friday is here after what feels like a full week of early deals, and as you can imagine, things haven’t changed much. The deals from days ago are still here, which means Samsung is still doing 25% off many of its best devices while also slapping higher trade-in discounts on them as well. There are great deals to be had if you haven’t taken advantage already.

Let’s run through the best Samsung Black Friday deals for those just tuning in.

25% OFF TOP DEVICES TO START: Samsung wants you to shop through its Shop Samsung app this holiday season and we don’t really know why. The app is fine and looks mostly like a shell that houses their website, but that’s what they want. To get you to do that, since most of us don’t like to install random shopping apps, they are truly incentivizing you with a 25% off deal on most top devices.

We’re talking about 25% off the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Galaxy S23+. They’ll even slap 10% off the Galaxy S23 FE, upgrade storage on the Galaxy Tab S9 line, and give you instant $600 off the Galaxy Book 3, all through the app. But seriously, the app is the key – they want you to buy through the app and then they’ll reward you.

So if you install their app (below) and hit links like this from a mobile device, you’ll see the best prices like we just talked through.

ALL ABOUT TRADE-INS: You all know that Samsung gives you instant discounts when you trade in a device. For Black Friday, they are upping many of the trade-in prices and expanding the list of devices that get you the most money. There are new devices fetching $1,000 towards a Fold 5, more getting $600 towards a S23 Ultra, etc.

Keep in mind that when combining trade-in discounts and the 25% off, Samsung runs the trade-in first and then takes 25% off. When combined, though, you could get $900 off the Galaxy S23 Ultra or or $1,320 off the Fold 5. Those are some of the biggest discounts ever for this year’s best Samsung devices.

$25 BONUS, FIRST TIMERS: And finally, Samsung – because they really want you in this Shop Samsung app – is giving away $25 bonus discounts for first time users of their app to buy stuff. This is a stackable bonus on top of the 25% off and trade-in discount to help you save even more.

Samsung BF Deal Links:

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