Here’s Our Annual List of Random Black Friday Deals!

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It’s that time again, people — the blackest of days is upon us, when savings and discounts reign terror on our bank accounts. It’s a truly horrifying time for all of us. If you are looking upon these days more positively, then we have some links we’d like to share with you. Below you’ll find an absolute oddball assortment of deals, ranging from tech related to completely not tech related.

Look at this list as things I personally endorse and recommend buying for the metal music lover, collectible collector, guitar playing player, or basically any other cool person in your life. I’m basically going to send this post to my wife and let her know that an item from any of these places will be acceptable this holiday season.

Now, if you have an awesome Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal that you know about that you think I should see, please link it below. We’re always hinting for the good stuff. Shop safely, friends!

DL’s List of Random Black Friday Deals

Typhur: Sous Vide Station ($200 Off)

I am currently testing this product and will have a full writeup soon, but spoiler alert, it’s awesome. Pricey at $1199? Yes, but thanks to Black Friday, you can snag Typhur’s sous vide cooking station for just $999. While this is definitely one of the priciest tech things I’d recommend that isn’t a phone, it really is a game changer. Besides having to fill the station with water and pack the bags, the entire cooking process can be done via a smartphone, and with its large built-in display with a huge library of recipes, it’s seriously never been easier to get into sous vide cooking. It’s expensive, I know, but if you have the money to burn (or slow cook in water), it’s so worth it.


BigBadToyStore (Up to 70% Off)

I’m one of those people that collects stuff. Some people call this stuff “collectibles” to make them seem fancy, but I’m fully aware that it’s just plastic and when judgement day comes, whoever does the judging won’t give a single f*** how many Funko Pops or Godzilla toys I own. Depressing, but true. However, until that day happens, BigBadToyStore is hosting up to 70% off select pieces. You never know what you’ll find.


NeuralDSP: (50% Off Plugins)

If you play guitar and are into the digital side of things, I 100% recommend checking out NeuralDSP if you haven’t already. Their plugins are A1 tier, and the company’s annual 50% off sale is always the best time to snag a couple plugins. Need a suggestion on which to try? The Gojira Archetype is legit, as well as the Petrucci. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Plus, with Neural’s generous trial period, you get plenty of testing time before having to commit to a purchase. It’s a win-win.


Blastbeats Vinyl (Up to 60% Off)

If you’re into metal and vinyl, check out Blastbeats Vinyl, it’s a great little online boutique with some super high quality goods. Their Black Friday deal includes up to 60% off select titles, which for some of these records is very good. I recently ordered Cattle Decapitation’s masterpiece Death Atlas and it came super quick and packaged really well. I couldn’t be happier with the shopping experience.


Galaxy S23 Ultra (25% Off + $800 Off w/ Trade-in)

This is one of those deals that we felt prudent to share separately, but it’s worth noting yet again on this list, simply due to the fact that it’s a good one. Samsung is offering 25% off select high-end devices, including the Galaxy S23 Ultra if you buy it via the Shop Samsung app (link here), but on top of that, you can earn up to $800 via the company’s trade-in method thanks to enhanced values being live for Black Friday. That brings the price of your S23 Ultra to new lows, which for this phone, is never a bad thing. Just make sure you buy it through Shop Samsung if you want maximum savings.


Victory Grips (BOGO 50% Off)

Fitness enthusiasts, hear me out. A side hustle of mine is slinging CrossFit. Whenever someone asks me which grips they should look into, I always recommend Victory Grips. They’re made in the USA from good materials, and since getting my pair back in August of 2022, I have had minimal tear and rip issues when performing movements on a bar. They’re good grips, currently with a BOGO 50% off deal, meaning you can have a backup pair or get you and a gym bestie a set.


Alex Pardee (40% Off Everything)

Alex Pardee, a super talented individual whose work you have maybe seen on album covers or in Shia Labeouf’s home, is hosting a 40% off everything sale on his website. It’s killer stuff, ranging from prints, to toys, to apparel. They’re certainly conversation starters, so give it a look and see if you and I have similar taste.


Nanoleaf Canvas Review

Nanoleaf (Much Savings)

Nanoleaf, the maker of some of our more favorite smart lights, is hosting a solid Black Friday sale over on its website, including 40% off light kits and light packs, as well as 50% off select bundles. If you have been looking to upgrade your smart light game, this is definitely the best weekend to do it, regardless of whether you choose Nanoleaf or any other brand.


Bonus Kellen Picks

Hi, all! Happy whatever day it is, but I too have some random picks to share this holiday weekend.

TRILLBLAZIN 30% off sale

This one might be more specific to friends in the Pacific NW, but it could also apply to sports fans in general who love playful gear. Trillblazin is this Portland-based crew who takes familiar or iconic designs you may recognize and then twists them to fit our local teams, like the Timbers and Trail Blazers. They often just do twists on classics with their own name too, like with their “Adventure Time” tee that is a clear play on the Marlboro logo or beanies you might think were made by Carhartt. It’s awesome stuff and they are doing a rare 30% off sale at the moment. It’s selling quickly.

Trillblazin Link

Coral Story Beauty

Coral Story Beauty 20% off sale

This is a self-promo in a way, but my wife owns this really awesome green beauty shop in Portland (and ships everywhere). For the person in your life who wants to put cleaner products on their skin or who needs other awesome gifts, you should check her shop out. We’re talking green, organic, actually clean products that she’s tested and selected just for her store. It’s basically the opposite of shitty stores like Sephora or Ulta.

It’s 20% off for the weekend and it supports a small, woman and indigenous owned business.

Coral Story Beauty Link

Craighill 35% off sale

Craighill BF Deals

I love thoughtfully designed everyday carry gear, from key holders to pens and knives. I also just love cool ass stuff for your desk or coffee table. There’s this designer named Craighill that makes all of that and then some (like awesome little puzzles) and it is almost all 35% off for black friday. If you just want some random fun things to add to your life, take a look. It’s all super high quality too.

Craighill Link

If you have a deal you think is noteworthy, please feel free to share it below. I want all the stuff this year.



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