YouTube Music’s AI-Powered Playlist Cover Generator is Better Than Expected

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It appears that over the weekend, YouTube Music began pushing out its new AI-powered playlist cover generator feature to users. If I’m being honest, it’s much better than I initially expected. This is an extremely similar feature to Google’s AI Wallpaper app that’s available to select Pixel owners. The main thing to note is, YouTube Music’s AI generator is better. While that’s cool, it’s also quite maddening as a Pixel user.

How is it better? From my experience with it, the options that users have to choose from with regards to creating images is much better. For example, YouTube Music has Animals (adorable animals, mind you), Fantasy, and Landscapes. While AI Wallpapers has a Terrain category, it’s limited to 17 predetermined settings. YouTube Music has 33. Based on this, when it comes to total creation power, YouTube Music’s creator is exponentially more fun to play with.

On top of that, the keywords Google has for YouTube Music are overall better, too. Here are a few possibilities. And yes, all of the results from these are super sweet.

  • Oil spill under the Northern Lights as an aerial photograph.
  • Cemetery covered in ice as an astrophotograph.
  • Tunnel of trees with fog as a vintage photograph.

Sadly, the artwork is stuck in YouTube Music and can’t be shared, so it’s all sort of pointless in the end. Same applies to Google’s AI Wallpapers.

If you have YouTube Music, go make some AI-powered playlist covers. It’s fun!



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