Pixel Buds A-Series for $59 are an Incredible Deal

Pixel Buds A-Series - Black Friday 2023

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The Pixel Buds A-Series launched in 2021 as Google’s affordable pair of earbuds that were arguably better at the time than the regular Pixel Buds. Google has since released the Pixel Buds Pro, a true pro-level pair of earbuds with all of the bells and whistles. The thing is, they are expensive on most days, running close to $200 without a sale. So if you don’t want to spend that kind of cash on little earbuds, the A-Series remains one of the best options around, in my opinion.

Originally priced at $99, you can grab the Pixel Buds A-Series for $59 for Black Friday. At $40 off and down to this special price, there are few earbuds I’d recommend over the A-Series if you need a budget pair of buds.

In my review of the A-Series, I talked about the incredible fit impressive sound for the price, responsive touch pads, snazzy case, and solid battery life. I can also tell you that after reviewing these, they often stayed in my ears when I needed a pair of buds. The lightweight and comfortable design was perfect for workouts or runs, plus at the lower-end of pricing, they brought a lot less anxiety than $200 buds might. Still to this day, I keep a pair in my car’s glovebox just in case.

You can find all colors on sale from most retailers for Black Friday, including Dark Olive, Sea, Charcoal, and Clearly White.

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