Fitbit is Down, Again (Updated)

Fitbit Down - Status

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A little over a month ago, Fitbit went down for hours in the middle of the day without many people noticing. Once we reported the news, Fitbit acknowledged that their services were struggling, but didn’t fix everything for several more hours. Today, another outage has arrived, though hopefully not for as long.

If you fire up your Fitbit app, you may see an app that looks like the one at the top of this post that is filled with blank spaces and a “Syncing your data” message that never truly syncs. If it does sync, it may only fill in select portions of the app or you may get other errors, like it “Couldn’t sync your Charge 6. Tap to open help.” That’s the other message I’m seeing at the moment as I test the new Charge 6.

The Fitbit status dashboard (here) isn’t showing an outage just yet, but all of the other sites on the planet that track outages are showing big spikes in Fitbit reports.

We’ll let you know once it starts working again. And shoutout to Gary, the guy who emailed us yesterday to make sure we knew that he thinks the Fitbit app is hot garbage. You win, Gar.

  • UPDATE 9:16AM: My Fitbit app and data are already syncing again. The reports of the outage are already on the decline as well. Here’s to this outage being less severe than the last.



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