Verizon’s Visible Now Lets Android Users Try For Free For 15 Days

Visible - Free Trial

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The era of free wireless service trials is one we truly appreciate, as competition from the traditional wireless carriers has stagnated. There are other players in the space, mostly of the prepaid variety, many of which that can save you money over service directly from Verizon or T-Mobile or AT&T. Verizon’s Visible is one of those and they’ve now expanded free trial eSIM support to Android phones made by Google and Samsung.

Starting today, you can test Visible for free on Google Pixel and Samsung phones. The trial should be 100% free too, with 15 days of Visible network testing before deciding if you’d like to stick with Visible or stay with your current wireless service plan.

How does a free Visible trial work? Like the free trials we’ve highlighted before. Visible asks for a bit of information about your phone to make sure it is compatible, activates an eSIM line on your phone with a new phone number, runs service on it for 15 days to let you test both Visible and your current carrier at the same time, and then lets you switch over or move on with life after the trial. You don’t even need a credit card. It really should be that simple.

And again, you get to run a Visible phone number next to your current plan and number, so you aren’t temporarily cancelling your current line or anything to trial Visible. Visible sets up on your phone as an active line in addition to whoever your current carrier is, letting you switch between the two to test. Once the trial ends, you can keep that random Visible number as your own or port over your real phone number from your other carrier and continue.

Why would you try out Visible? It’s cheap as hell, that’s why. Visible offers two plans, one that costs $25/mo and another that typically runs $45/mo, but can be had right now for $35/mo. It uses Verizon’s network (Visible is owned by Verizon), gives you unlimited data and hotspot, plus you get access to 5G UW on the more expensive plan. If you don’t need a bunch of extra wireless fluff or a store to walk into for support (it’s a digital-only outfit), it’s kind of a no-brainer, assuming Verizon’s network is solid in your area.

Interested in trying? The list of supported devices on Android is pretty extensive from Samsung and Google. The Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 up through the Galaxy S23 line can all be tested. The entire Galaxy Z Fold series, as well as the Z Flip series are also included. For Pixel phones, we’re talking about devices as old as the Pixel 3 up through the Pixel 8 Pro.

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