Google Wallet Now Supporting IDs From Four States

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Late last year, Google Wallet was slowly beginning to gain support for state-issued IDs. This week, it’s now appearing that the service is supporting a total of four states, having quite recently only supported IDs issued by Maryland.

The four states now present and supported in Google Wallet are Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, and Maryland. The inclusion of these new states means many, many more people now have access, considering there are some major US cities inside of those states. Naturally, small text inside of Google Wallet says more states are coming soon, but ultimately, it’s up to the states to decide who gets access. Oregon, I’m waiting.

If you live in a state that supports this feature, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. If you sign yourself up, tell us about the process. Is it easy to use? Will you be concerned the first time you get pulled over and attempt to use it with a cop?


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