T-Mobile Crushes Verizon, AT&T in Ookla’s Q3 Speed Report

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Ookla has published its latest findings with regard to US carrier data speeds, and to the surprise of nobody, T-Mobile is still very much ahead when compared to Verizon and AT&T.

In terms of raw download speed, T-Mobile median speed is clocked at 164Mbps versus Verizon’s 76Mbps and AT&T’s 73Mbps. Yes, T-Mobile’s median download is over twice as fast. For upload, T-Mobile comes in with a median speed of 11Mbps, while Verizon hits 9Mbps and AT&T manages 7Mbps. Even performance consistency is being won by T-Mobile, with a rating of 85%, followed by Verizon’s 81% and AT&T’s 78%.

5G performance was also tested, and again, T-Mobile straight up dominates. According to Ookla, T-Mobile’s median download speed on a pure 5G connection is 222Mbps, with Verizon coming in second at 154Mbps and AT&T at 102Mbps.

Where things finally even out slightly is 5G consistency. Ookla found there was no statistical winner in this category, which you might as well mark as a win for Verizon. T-Mobile scored a 74.9% and Verizon got a 74.7%. What is clear is AT&T lost, coming in at 66.4%.

As for which devices are the fastest on these networks, Ookla’s data shows that if you want the best speeds, you’ll want the new iPhone 15 Pro lineup, followed by Samsung’s Galaxy S23 family, then the Pixel 7 Pro. The Pixel 8 lineup wasn’t tested given the timing of their release.

There is a large amount of fun insights in these reports. We recommend checking out the full thing. You can even see where your home state lands in the ranking of data speed. For us here in Oregon, it’s not great, ranked at #24. Boo.

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