Google Will Supply Pixel 8 Buyers With 7 Years of Spare Parts, Too

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Google is committed to 7 years of life for the new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, whether you plan to use them that long or not. When news first hit that the latest Pixel phones would get 7 years of Android OS and security updates, many minds went directly to the hardware. Could it last long enough to see that many updates? In case anyone had doubts, Google confirmed this week that it will offer spare parts, including batteries, for 7 years to Pixel 8 owners.

In a statement provided to Android Authority, a Google spokesperson says, “Parts will be available for seven years. That’s part of our commitment as we go to the seven years (sic) that we need to make our parts available so you can keep your hardware alive for that long.”

Considering Google and iFixit are pals, all of this aligns really well for not just Google’s image and the world of sustainability, but buyers of new Pixel phones. If you’re someone who uses a phone and then donates it to a charity or gives it to a family member who doesn’t need the latest toy out there, this is a serious W for everybody.

Are we happy now?



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