Report: Google Tensor Roadmap Detailed Through 2025

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More details concerning Google’s Tensor chips are hitting the online, allowing us to get an idea of what to expect not only from Pixel phones in 2024, but the year beyond that as well.

If you have been following Pixel and Tensor news, this information may sound familiar, as you could consider it supplemental to a report that released earlier in 2023. That report claimed we wouldn’t see Google’s first fully custom Tensor chipset until 2025. The latest intel, via a Google source of Android Authority’s, says the same thing, but with a bit more detail on what else Google is cooking up.

An unofficial Tensor roadmap has now been set for the Pixel series, with the Pixel 8 to launch with the Tensor G3 (aka Zuma), next year’s Pixel 9 with the Tensor G4 (aka Zuma Pro), and then the 2025 Pixel 10 with the Tensor G5 (aka Laguna or Laguna Beach). Long ago it was speculated that we could see Google’s first fully custom chip next year with the Pixel 9, but all signs are now indicating that we won’t be there until 2025. Again, we learned this back in July.

Like we saw with Tensor G2 (Whitechapel Pro) from the original Tensor (Whitechapel), expect modest upgrades going from Pixel 8 (Zuma) to Pixel 9 (Zuma Pro) in the SoC department. 2025 is when things are expected to get really exciting for the Tensor line.

Mark your calendars.

// Android Authority



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