Last Chance for Samsung’s $1,320 Discount on the Galaxy Z Fold 5

Galaxy Z Fold 5 - Best Discover Deal

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Samsung is wrapping up its latest Discover event this weekend and has extended some of its best deals up until the end. The final discount we’ll highlight is for the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which is up to $1,320 off with the usual combination of moves that includes trades and free upgrades, plus there are bonus add-ons at steep discounts.

Here’s how to get the best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal today before it ends forever. OK, maybe not forever, but for this month.

$1,200 TRADE-IN: Trade-ins make the world work in the world of Samsung. To get a huge discount on a Fold 5 (review), you need to trade-in the right device and the top getters are the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and iPhone 14 Pro Max at $1,200. You can also snag $1,000 of with a Galaxy S23 Ultra or iPhone 13 Pro Max. Several other devices will hit the $800 mark too, so there are plenty of good trade values to be had.

As a reminder, when Samsung asks you for a trade-in, they then give you the value as an instant discount off of your order today. Apple doesn’t do this (unless you finance it). Google doesn’t do this. No one does this. Samsung’s trade-in program is the best.

FREE DOUBLE STORAGE: The Galaxy Fold 5 comes with 256GB storage at a base level, and that’s actually quite a bit of space. However, if you are investing in a device like this that is this premium and this expensive, you might hope to hang onto it for a while, so the more storage you can. get the better. For this final deal, Samsung is doubling storage to 512GB at no extra cost. That’s a $120 value and gets us to the full $1,320 discount we mentioned above.

BONUS $99 WATCH 6: Samsung tries to extend deals with bundles to get you fully invested in their ecosystem and a great bundle is with the Galaxy Watch 6. Should you add a Watch 6 (review) onto your Z Fold 5 order, you can get it for only $99, which is $250 off. There are other discounts you’ll see during checkout for $230 off a Tab S9 and $180 off Galaxy Buds2 Pro too, but this Watch 6 add-in is tough to beat if you are interested in a smartwatch that runs Wear OS.

Wrapping this Discover event up, we’ve got $1,320 in potential savings on a Fold 5 and that’s pretty solid.

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