Report: First Fully Custom Google Tensor Chip Not Until 2025

Google Tensor SoC

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Samsung is out and TSMC is in for Pixel-powering chipset production. In a new report this week, it is detailed that Google is making the move to have codename Laguna, presumably set to be marketed as Tensor G5, power its Pixel smartphones in 2025.

Built on TSMC’s 3-nanometer platform with InFO (Integrated Fan-Out) packaging for decreased thickness, the Tensor G5 will be Google’s first fully customized chip. What does that mean? In the beginning of the Tensor line, many of the components that made up the chipset were Samsung parts, such as graphical and image processors, as well as communication pieces. As it has evolved, Google has used less and less Samsung-made pieces and is going with its own in-house designed components. Shooting for 2025, Tensor G5 will be all Google, which would be a first.

That’s all that is known about Tensor G5.

Google Pixel fans and critics can look at this a couple of ways. Fans will be excited because it makes their phones that much more Googley. Critics will point to the numerous performance issues Tensor-powered Pixel devices have been experiencing following updates, which should not be as common of an occurrence that it currently is. In our mind, all phones will have software/hardware component issues at some point, so maybe Google is simply getting theirs out of the way now so we can have smoother sailing later on.

As we learn more about Google’s plans for Tensor G5 and upcoming Pixels, we shall keep you in the know.

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