Toxic Android Fanboyism Must Die

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“As a Samsung fan” or “As a Google fan,” which is then usually followed by some super biased bullshit, are phrases I see often on Android blogs, YouTube comments, and various tech-related sites. In case anyone needed reminding, a perfectly good stranger on the internet is not going to care which Android OEM you affiliate yourself with. Trust me, they will despise you regardless.

Taking a large step back, I’m not exactly sure why people feel so much passion and loyalty to a particular Android OEM. We’re talking about enough devotion to a phone manufacturer that they will have lengthy arguments online to, I assume in their mind, defend its honor. It’s unhealthy behavior.

So as not to be a complete hypocrite, I admit to being a small part of the much larger Apple versus Android fanboy battle back when Droid Life would liveblog Apple’s keynotes, but I promise it was only in an effort to be funny. I use Apple products in my life, and for the most part, they are great. Every one of those liveblogs was done from a Mac computer. This post is more aimed at Android v. Android crime. Like neighboring tribes who share the same natural resources, but for whatever reason, don’t pray to the same god and now must kill each other. This appears to be life as a toxic Android OEM fanatic.

You Don’t Owe Your Allegiance to These Companies

Brand loyalty doesn’t work for me and there’s a good argument to be made that the behavior itself is anti consumer. Why do people feel such strong ties to these companies that don’t even know they exist unless they’re a number on a sales report? Does it really boil down to people feeling the need to justify their expensive purchase? I’d say that if you must tear down something or someone else to lift yourself up and feel happy with your smartphone, there’s deeper issues there.

I liken it to sports team fandoms or car brands. When I was a kid and would hear Chevy truck owners make fun of Ford owners and vice versa, I never really quite got it. I thought both trucks looked cool and I’d be happy to own either brand when I grew up. These days, it makes even less sense. I hear about just as many Chevy trucks needing service from friends as I do Fords, plus I’m still waiting to see this comedic “Found On Roadside Dead” vehicle. I get that it’s all funny, but in general it’s tribalistic and leads to toxicity. It’s the same for Android owners.

My point is, these companies are the ones that need our money. They should be fighting for us, not us for them. The beauty of Android, the same as humanity, is in its diversity. What works for me won’t necessarily work for someone else, but that’s great, because there’s likely a phone from another brand that will be good for them. I don’t have to bash on that individual or the brand they choose because they want or need something different.

Pretty much every Android OEM is releasing really good phones these days. Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, Nothing, and whoever else is out there. They all have good displays, camera systems, hardware, specs, and all that crap. They’re getting years of software updates, and for the most part, they’re all pretty damn expensive. We’re all essentially buying the same exact thing, yet because it has a different OEM’s name on it, we feel connected to that company and will defend it against enemies. Stop that.

Be Together, Not the Same

Apparently there are too many people who didn’t read something similar I wrote back in 2016. Google’s “Be Together, Not the Same” campaign really spoke to me about Android fans needing to come together. At least that’s how I interpreted the message. If you need a good smile today, rewatch this classic.

What sparked this post was a recent email I received concerning my reviews of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. A reader suggested that because I appeared to be a Pixel fanboy, I didn’t review the devices more favorably. I will never entertain that notion. I don’t care who makes the phones that I use, I simply use the ones I most enjoy. As I’ve said recently, I’ve been using Samsung phones the majority of 2023, but I’m very much looking forward to switching it up and using the Pixel 8 once it arrives. I’m fortunate to be in a position that I can change phones basically whenever I want, and for that exact reason, I don’t need to be a fanboy. I can use whatever, whenever I want. Because I use all of these different phones, I’m granted multiple perspectives and I wish others could do the same.

Maybe as a challenge to yourself, if you think this post might be aimed at you, consider making your next phone purchase from a company you haven’t used before or in a long time. If you’re on the Galaxy train, try a OnePlus. If you’re on a Pixel, try a Nothing Phone. Worst case scenario you can return it after at least giving it a try for 30 days.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Catherine Pulsifer. She says, “We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity, life would be very boring.” Sounds like life as an iPhone user, amirite? Kidding, of course. Now go make some new friends in the comments section below.



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