Google’s New Pixel Watch 2 Teaser Shows Off All the Changes

Google Pixel Watch 2 - Features

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Google spent a good chunk of yesterday showing off the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, with the tiniest tease of the Pixel Watch 2. Today, they’ve come back with a longer spotlight on their new watch and we’ve tried to grab all of the new details here.

In the short video, Google shows a bunch of pretty, up-close shots of the new Pixel Watch 2, confirming further that it really will be a very familiar design that should include upgraded internals. This looks like a Pixel Watch and that’s fine by us. The original Pixel Watch was/is beautiful.

As for what’s new, you can see here that the crown has somewhat of a change in design. It looks a lot less cheap and is possibly rounder and slightly bigger. Here’s to hoping that means it’ll be easier to use and scroll with, and that it feels less like teeth grinding when its haptics kick in. The crown on the original is quite awful (this is what it looked like), if I’m being honest. This looks like a much-needed change has made the cut.

This shot here also shows off the thick bezels, which will once again return. Because of this globe or bubble shaped glass design, I’m not sure we are ever going to get rid of them. Take your shots now, bezel haters.

Pixel Watch 2 - Crown and Bezels

Other info from the teaser comes from the back of the watch, where we can see it has an IP68 rating. We also spot SpO2 markings on the back, a feature that should have launched out of the box on the original Pixel Watch, but only did in recent months. The back also mentions sleep tracking, water resistance to 50m, and a heart rate sensor.

Speaking of sensors, the Pixel Watch 2 was previously rumored to include an upgraded biometric/health sensor, potentially the one from the Fitbit Sense 2. The layout of the lights here align pretty close with that sensor and is clearly an upgrade over the original’s older sensor. Google really may be turning the Pixel Watch 2 into a proper fitness tracker with the second generation.

Pixel Watch 2 - New Biometric Sensor

Finally, you can see the big action button once again above the crown and that Google is sticking with the awful watch band system. However, sticking with that bad system should hopefully mean your original Pixel Watch bands will continue to fit when you upgrade to the Pixel Watch 2.

Here’s the full video!



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