Google’s Pixel Simulator Site Confirms New Sensor, Launch Colors for Pixel 8 Lineup

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Google did a whoopsie this week, accidentally posting the upcoming Pixel 8 lineup to its Pixel Simulator website, where it allows people to learn more about Google’s lineup of devices and their features.

In the case of the Pixel 8 lineup, we now have direct confirmation from Google’s own site that the Pixel 8 will indeed feature a new temperature sensor, 5X telephoto lens on its backside, dedicated SIM card tray, and come in three good looking colors at launch: Sky, Licorice, and Porcelain. Beyond those new things, it’s a Pixel phone, so we already know an updated Tensor chip will be onboard.

While it seems that a large portion of people feel that every supposed leak is intentional these days, I try not to be so cynical. Google’s a big company with lots of moving parts. It’s very easy to think that in anticipation for the launch on October 4, whoever was in charge of this website was uploading all of this wonderful data and maybe accidentally published it live. Regardless, the “damage” has been done and Google has us all talking about the Pixel 8 on Apple event week. I guess you win, Google.

We’re still dying to know more about this temperature sensor. What is Google’s plan with it?

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