Watch: Pixel 8 Pro Has Body Temperature Sensor for Some Reason (Updated)

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We still have a bit to go before Google officially unveils the Pixel 8 lineup, but thanks to the internet, we continue to learn more about these phones with each passing day. The latest intel we’ve learned is about the inclusion of a new sensor on the rear of the Pixel 8 Pro, a dedicated body temperature sensor, which instantly gives me flashbacks to the gimmicky smartphone features of yore.

With said sensor, a user can place the phones backside up to their forehead, then simply swoop the device from the front of the noggin to the temple to get what’s hopefully an accurate body temperature reading.

Update: It appears Google wasn’t too happy about this getting out ahead of time and the video has been taken down.

Below is a video of the feature in action.

As for why this feature needs to exist, it feels about a year or so too late. If Google was doing this in relation to the pandemic, most places around the world, including hospitals, are easing COVID-related restrictions, making the act of implanting thermometers into every phone seem like a bit of an unnecessary move. If there was an argument for this being used as a security/biometric authentication feature, that could be interesting. Regardless of COVID or anything related, I’m not taking away from the fact that being able to take your temperature from anywhere with your mobile phone is a neat idea. I just need to hear Google’s explanation for why I need it.

I’d love to hear some reader thoughts on this.

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