Bugdroid Going 3D and Android Gets Capitalized in Updated Branding

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Confirmed by Google this week, we’re soon going to see a change to Bugdroid and the Android wordmark. We’ve actually seen Google begin this process starting back at its CES booth in January, but now it’s all confirmed and we suspect we’ll see an official changeover when Android 14 officially arrives later this year.

In a comment provided to 9to5Google, the team at Google stated, “We’re showcasing some elements of our new brand identity on various surfaces, including our CES booth from earlier this year and other campaign materials like digital & banner ads. We’ll have more to share in the coming months.”

So what exactly are the changes? Let’s just say that the only people who will notice or even care are those that read Android blogs (aka nerds like you and me). The Android logo has been a flat Bugdroid head for some time. With the change, that head is going to be 3D in appearance, as seen above. For the wordmark, Android is typically shown as “android,” with the lower case ‘a.’ The new and improved wordmark shows as “Android,” with the capital ‘A.’

Like I said, it’s nerd stuff.

Google specifically mentions that they will share more in the coming months. Is that an Android 14 timeline confirmation? It feels like it to us.



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