Samsung Brings Back $1,000 Off Galaxy Z Fold 5 Deal With Free Double Storage Upgrade

Best Galaxy Z Fold 5 Deal

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You have been able to order a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 for over a month now and yet the deals do not seem to be slowing. Samsung fired up a new deal this weekend that keeps the $1,000 off with trade-in, but adds to the promo by doubling storage at no extra cost. This is that initial launch deal we loved so much.

So really, this Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal is the same as it was a month ago. You get up to $1,000 off instantly if you have a device to trade-in to Samsung. The devices that will get you the full $1,000 off are the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra, or Galaxy Z Fold 4. There’s a couple of iPhone Pro Max models in there too, should you want to make the switch from iOS to Android. You’ll also find the Galaxy S21 Ultra fetching $800, as well as the Z Fold 3. You get the picture.

Where this deal becomes exceptional is in the storage upgrade. Samsung is jumping you from 256GB up to 512GB at no extra cost. Normally, that would cost you an extra $120, so when combined with the $1,000 off, we’ve got a good chunk of savings well over $1,000.

With the full discount applied, you could own a Galaxy Z Fold 5 for $799.99. That’s a really nice price for a phone that starts as a phone and then unfolds into a mini tablet. Tim has more on all of that in his full review.

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