Galaxy S22 Ultra is $450 Off at the Moment

Galaxy S22 Ultra

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The shiny new toy on the block is always tempting, but when Samsung makes them, going for the olde, less-expensive model isn’t a bad idea knowing that they’ll receive years and years of support. As an example, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is $450 off and can be had for less than a Galaxy S23+.

Amazon is hosting the deal that gets you a Galaxy S22 Ultra in black with 256GB storage for $849.99. That’s down from its original $1,299.99 price. At the time of this post, Amazon has the black, green, and white versions with 256GB all at this price.

Guys, this is a heck of a deal.

In my review from last year, I found little wrong with this phone and had almost nothing but praise for it. The camera on it is absurdly good, the display is as good as you’ll find, performance was great, and the software continues to get better. Samsung is still the current “King of Android Updates,” and plans to update this phone for a full 5 years, with at least 3 Android OS updates to go too. In fact, Android 14 should hit it any day now.

Wondering if should buy a Galaxy S23 Ultra instead? This is $350 cheaper than the S23 Ultra, which isn’t much of an upgrade. It has a few newer parts, but come on, it’s just an S22 Ultra+.

Depending on where you live, Amazon might be able to get you the phone as early as today.

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