Verizon Confirms Price Increases for Select Legacy Unlimited Plans


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Verizon made its plan to increase monthly pricing on select legacy unlimited plans official, confirming which plans are affected and how much the price is jumping.

For anyone with a Go Unlimited 2.0, Beyond Unlimited 2.0, Above Unlimited, 5G Start plan, your price is getting bumped up by $3/month starting August 29. Verizon also says if you have a Single Basic Phone plan, your price is set to increase by $5/month starting the same date.

Only the following older Verizon plans will be charged the Plan Rate Adjustment. Starting 8/29/23, these plans will see an added charge of $3/month per mobile phone line:

  • Go Unlimited 2.0
  • Beyond Unlimited 2.0
  • Above Unlimited
  • 5G Start

Starting 8/29/23, this plan will see an added charge of $5/month per mobile phone line per month:

  • Single Basic Phone

We first saw this information pop up back in late July.

Not looking to get hit by the increase? Verizon’s options aren’t too exciting. You can either deal with it, move to a different plan (we have the skinny on those), or switch to a prepaid plan.

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