Gboard Getting AI Stickers, AI Proofreading, and Enhanced Handwriting

Gboard Update

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Code diggers are diving into the latest version of Gboard and discovering unannounced features that appear to be getting prepped for future release. We’re talking AI-powered stickers, an entirely new AI-powered Proofreading feature, and a whole lot else.

As shown in Gboard version 13.3, once certain development flags are enabled, new features like Proofread can be used. With it, Gboard will take what you’ve typed out and check it for grammatical and spelling errors. Common errors like misusing they’rethere, and their should now never happen again. Detailed in the feature, it appears that the only drawback is that the text is sent and stored on Google’s servers, so the proofreading isn’t taking place on the device itself.

When you use Proofread, the text you write, your feedback, and your interaction with the feature will be sent to and stored on Google servers for 60 days to provide you with proofreading suggestions and help improve this feature.

AI stickers are also coming. Similar to the idea of Google’s AI generated wallpapers, a user will enter words into a prompt, then hopefully receive stickers related to the words. You can then share those stickers.

Last but not least, a feature called “Write in text fields” is showcased. With it, users can literally handwrite (using stylus or finger) and use special gestures in any text field, which is a step beyond what’s currently available via Gboard’s Handwriting feature. You can see the new feature shown below.

You won’t find any of this live quite yet for normal folk, but we’ll update you when it’s all officially available.

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