Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro Colors, Storage Options Revealed

Pixel 7 - Pixel 7 Pro

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Once the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are announced, we’ll know pricing, software features, and how Google plans to pitch each as an upgrade over the Pixel 7 line (or Pixel 6 line). When they do, we’ll also want to know all of the specs, how those specs align with new pricing, and if Google is keeping up with trends from competitors or if they are being slow as they often are.

When it comes to storage options in the upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, it appears as if Google is staying slightly behind Samsung. We say this based on retailer listings we’ve viewed that provided specific details for each device, as well as color references, and storage variants.

It looks like Google is going to start with 128GB storage as an option for both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. For comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra start at 256GB, as do the Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. The only recent Samsung flagship phone that can be had with 128GB is the Galaxy S23. Even Motorola starts their new Razr+ at 256GB. The Motorola Edge+ also starts at 512GB.

Storage aside, colors for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro have been given what I would consider to be codenames. For the Pixel 8, we have “Haze,” “Licorice,” and “Peony.” For the Pixel 8 Pro, we have “Porcelain,” “Licorice,” and “Sky.”

During most release cycles, when retailers show up with early info, the colors may not align with official color names at launch, but do give us something to follow. As an example, the Pixel 7a was early-listed as “Arctic Blue,” but it is sold as Sea. Retailers typically use “Carbon” in place of Google’s Obsidian colorway as well.

Pixel 8 storage options & colors

  • Pixel 8 (GA04823-GB): Haze – 128GB
  • Pixel 8 (GA04861-GB): Haze – 256GB
  • Pixel 8 (GA04803-GB): Licorice – 128GB
  • Pixel 8 (GA04833-GB): Licorice – 256GB
  • Pixel 8 (GA04856-GB): Peony – 128GB
  • Pixel 8 (GA05000-GB): Peony – 256GB

Pixel 8 Pro storage options & colors

  • Pixel 8 Pro (GA04834-GB): Porcelain – 128GB
  • Pixel 8 Pro (GA04905-GB): Porcelain – 256GB
  • Pixel 8 Pro (GA04927-GB): Porcelain – 512GB
  • Pixel 8 Pro (GA04798-GB): Licorice – 128GB
  • Pixel 8 Pro (GA04890-GB): Licorice – 256GB
  • Pixel 8 Pro (GA04921-GB): Licorice – 512GB
  • Pixel 8 Pro (GA04841-GB): Sky – 128GB
  • Pixel 8 Pro (GA04915-GB): Sky – 256GB
  • Pixel 8 Pro (GA04932-GB): Sky -512GB

We’re sharing this info because it certainly lines up with a report from WinFuture earlier today. We added the model numbers and matched them up with colors and storage options for your reference going forward.

Anyone still buying phones with 128GB storage or are you always looking for more?



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