August 2023 Android Security Update Available for Google Pixel Devices

AUGUST Pixel Update Download

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A part of my brain had talked me into believing that Google might release Android 14 today in stable form instead of the August Pixel update (still Android 13), but they did not. We did indeed just get the Android security update for August and all of Google’s Pixel devices, which you can grab shortly if not right away.

We may get Android 14 later this month, but for now, go ahead and prepare your Pixel 4a up through the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet for an update. There’s a good chance that the Pixel Watch will get its August update as well. The over-the-air pull of these updates should begin shortly, plus there are images you can flash to get them even quicker, if that’s your thing.

For those curious, here are the rest of the details for the Pixel August update. Rollout begins today.

August Google Pixel update builds

  • Pixel 4a:              TQ3A.230805.001
  • Pixel 4a (5G):    TQ3A.230805.001
  • Pixel 5:                TQ3A.230805.001
  • Pixel 5a (5G):    TQ3A.230805.001
  • Pixel 6:                TQ3A.230805.001
  • Pixel 6 Pro:         TQ3A.230805.001
  • Pixel 6a:              TQ3A.230805.001
  • Pixel 7:                TQ3A.230805.001
  • Pixel 7 Pro:         TQ3A.230805.001
  • Pixel 7a:              TQ3A.230805.001
  • Pixel Tablet:       TQ3A.230805.001.B1
  • Pixel Fold:           TQ3C.230805.001.A3
  • Pixel Watch:       RWDC.230805.001
  • Pixel Fold:          TQ3C.230805.001.A4
T-Mobile & MVNOs, Google Fi (US)
  • Pixel 6:                TQ3A.230805.001.A1
  • Pixel 6 Pro:         TQ3A.230805.001.A1
  • Pixel 6a:              TQ3A.230805.001.A1
Verizon & MVNOs (US)
  • Pixel 4a:              TQ3A.230805.001.A2
  • Pixel 4a (5G):    TQ3A.230805.001.A2
  • Pixel 5:                TQ3A.230805.001.A2
  • Pixel 5a (5G):    TQ3A.230805.001.A2
  • Pixel 6:                TQ3A.230805.001.A2
  • Pixel 6 Pro:         TQ3A.230805.001.A2
  • Pixel 6a:              TQ3A.230805.001.A2
  • Pixel 7:                TQ3A.230805.001.A2
  • Pixel 7 Pro:         TQ3A.230805.001.A2
  • Pixel 7a:              TQ3A.230805.001.A3
  • Pixel Fold:          TQ3C.230805.001.B2

August Google Pixel update bug fixes

  • Fix for issue occasionally causing Bluetooth keyboards to not connect *[Pixel Fold, Tablet]
User Interface
  • Fix for issue causing certain Live Wallpapers to display incorrectly in different device orientations *[Pixel Fold]
  • Fix for issue occasionally causing lock screen to not respond *[Pixel Fold]
  • Fix for issue occasionally causing home screen launcher search input to not register *[Pixel Fold]
  • Fix for issue occasionally causing flickering or glitches while in Hub Mode *[Pixel Tablet]

Again, Google should begin pushing these updates shortly over-the-air (Settings>System>System update), but if you don’t want to wait for Google and prefer to update manually, you will find each factory image or OTA file at the links below. For instructions on how to flash a factory image, here you go. For instructions on how to flash an OTA .zip file, here you go.




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