Galaxy Watch 6 Deals Include $250 Off, Free $50 Fabric Band

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

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Samsung’s new line-up of devices covers almost everything outside of audio. We have two new foldables, 3 new tablets, and 2 new watches, all of which are up for pre-order now with various deals. We’ve already talked about Galaxy Fold 5 and Flip 5 deals, so let’s run you through the best pre-order deals on the Galaxy Watch 6 line.

For Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 pre-orders, we are once again going to point you to Samsung’s own store (pre-order link). They are offering up not only a big discount if you trade-in another watch, they are tossing in a free Fabric watch band too. Tim handled this new style of band at a briefing and ensures me that I’d have bought one if Samsung didn’t gift it to me. It is apparently that nice.

So here’s the deal on the Galaxy Watch 6 line-up:

  • Galaxy Watch 6: Up to $250 off Watch 6 with proper trade-in. There is a single watch that will get you $250 off and it is the Apple Watch Series 8. The watches that will get you $200 off are the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and Apple Watch Series 7. The regular Galaxy Watch 5 will drop the price by $150, as will the Apple Watch Series 6.
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic: Up to $250 off Watch 6 Classic with proper trade-in. There are several watches to trade that will get you $250 off – Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Apple Watches Series 8, and Series 7. For $200 off, you are looking at the Watch 5, Watch 4 Classic, and Apple Watch Series 6. Watches as old as the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will also get you $150 off.
  • Free Fabric Band: Samsung has released a really nice new Fabric Band for this series and it costs $49.99 on its own. Samsung is tossing this in as a freebie if you pre-order one of the new watches.

Possible bonus $50 discount if you reserved. At first, I was semi-confused on this, but for my pre-order, Samsung appears to have tossed in an extra $50 discount on top of my trade-in and the free Fabric Band.

As you can see below (right), for my Classic order, there is indeed another $0.00 for the Sport T-Buckle band I chose, plus the free Fabric Band. By trading in a Galaxy Watch 5 for $250, I should still be paying $149.99. However, the watch is listed as $99.99 and that is all I paid. On the left side, you can see the same thing happening for a Watch 6, where a $200 off trade-in should have only dropped the price to $99.99, but it instead shows as $49.99.

As it turns out, this is because I took part in the reserve system we told you to sign-up for on several occasions.

Galaxy Watch 6 Pre-Orders Deal

Get those pre-orders in. Devices arrive on August 11.

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