Telegram’s Stories Feature Arrives for Paid Users


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In late June, it was announced that everybody’s favorite feature on social media, that being Stories, was coming to Telegram. With this, no matter what social app your friends are using, they won’t be able to escape the awesomeness that is your life. This week, the feature has gone live for Telegram’s Premium users.

Stories lets you upload photos and videos that other users can view. You can choose to pin a story to your profile so it can live forever or you can choose to let it automatically get deleted after set amounts of time (6, 12, 24, or 48 hours). Users can also choose from privacy settings for individual stories, limiting who can view them.

Telegram Premium costs you $4.99/mo and gets you a load of exclusive features. This new Stories feature joins doubled limits, faster download speeds, real-time translations, 4GB uploads, no ads, and plenty else. If you use Telegram full-time, it’s actually not a bad offer.

I’m happy that this is only for Premium subscribers. That means there’s only one person in my life I have to worry about using it and I’m quite confident that Kellen ain’t about that Stories on Telegram life. At least not yet.

Stories are live. Have at it by updating your Telegram app.

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