YouTube Premium Individual Plans Get a Price Increase

YouTube Premium

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It’s a Thursday, so a subscription streaming service is increasing prices. A couple of days ago it was Peacock – now it’s YouTube. Yes, YouTube Premium is seeingĀ another increase in price, only this time it’s for individual plans. Oh, YouTube Music Premium is getting a price increase too if you buy it individually.

Up until this week, an individual YouTube Premium plan would run you $11.99/mo. If you subscribed to only YouTube Music Premium, that would cost you $9.99/mo (people do that?). Should you subscribe today to either service, you’ll pay more. YouTube Premium individual plans now cost $13.99/mo and YouTube Music Premium starts at $10.99/mo. We’ve got $2 and $1 increases per month.

Google pushed out these price increases to new customers without an announcement, but seems to want to include existing customers in the increase as well. Whenever your next billing cycle begins, you should see an email from Google notifying you of the increase. So no, you weren’t spared even if you’ve been a long-time subscriber.

This latest increase follows on the heals of the YouTube Premium Family Plan price increase that jumped significantly from $17.99/mo to $22.99/mo for new accounts at the end of last year. That same price increase then hit legacy family accounts earlier this year and increased their cost from $14.99 to the new $22.99 price.

For me, I’m still of the mindset that I’d probably pay for ad-free YouTube no matter what, but I once had similar feelings about YouTube TV through the first several price increases. And then the last increase came and your boy no longer subscribes to YouTube TV after doing so from day 1. Things change and all of these price increases really do add up.

You sticking around or is this it?

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