Samsung Says New Foldables are Lighter, Thinner, and More Durable

Galaxy Z Fold 3

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If someone were to ask me what needs to change in the foldables space in order to make them the type of device forĀ everyone to consider, I’d probably point to two things: price and weight. For both types of foldables, the flip phones and the phone-to-tablets, pricing is still out of control and I’m not sure if or when we’ll ever see device makers adjust those. When it comes to size, this is an area they all seem to be actively focused on.

In a bit of a teaser released by Samsung, TM Roh, their mobile division boss, talked about the changes they’ve made to their upcoming devices. Without calling them by name, he said that the Galaxy Flip 5 and Galaxy Fold 5 will be “slimmer and lighter” than all previous generations. In a press note we received, Samsung also confirmed that these devices should be more durable than ever too.

We expect these devices to still be expensive. Big foldables aren’t going to dip to $1,000 any time soon, and flip phone makers believe their lower-spec devices are still worth $1,000 because they fold, even if they lack high-end cameras. But if they can continue to shrink the size and weight and make them more durable, we’re heading in at least one correct direction.

From personal experience, I can tell you that the Galaxy Z Fold line has always impressed me and I’ve enjoyed the few generations I’ve tested. However, when those test periods end, I rarely find myself wanting to stick with one because of the size and weight. Carrying a tablet that collapses into the shape of a double thick phone and weighs as much as two, isn’t fun. It’s a nuisance. But should these companies find ways to drop that weight and size, you may find me carrying one again. Well, my “sling” might carry it at least.

So slimmer and lighter is great – can we do pricing next, Samsung?

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