Pixel Fold Finally Shows Up at Best Buy, In Stock at Google Store

Google Pixel Fold

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The initial batch of Pixel Fold units sold through pretty quickly and we saw shipping estimates extend all of the way into September at one point. It now appears this week that Google has almost caught up on producing their first foldable, as shipping estimates are back to as little as a few days. In fact, if you want the Obsidian model, you can have one later this week. The unlocked Pixel Fold is also making its debut at Best Buy, for those who would rather avoid the Google Store (and its support).

If you read Pixel Fold reviews and still want to get rid of $1,800 from your bank account, the current situation is in you favor. Through the Google Store, Google has the 256GB Obsidian Pixel Fold shipping with arrivals as early as July 21. The 512GB model is shipping a couple of weeks later on August 9. For Porcelain Pixel Fold fans, you are looking at August 9 as well.

I should also note that the Google Store is still handing out a free Pixel Watch with Pixel Fold purchase. You can choose either the WiFi/Bluetooth or LTE models and both will be completely covered. That’s a $350-$400 value on top of your foldable.

That out of the way, we have Best Buy news – yep, Best Buy now has the unlocked Pixel Fold available. At the moment, they only have Obsidian with 256GB, but they will get you one by July 21. The free Pixel Watch does not appear to be included.

Why go Best Buy over Google Store? Support. Google Store support is notoriously not great and when it comes to a fragile foldable, you might want easily accessible support. Physical Best Buy stores will still help you if something were to go wrong, while the Google Store will force you to deal with online chat, shipping your $1,800 phone elsewhere, etc.

Should we still buy a Pixel Fold? Do you need us to test Google’s first foldable?

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