OnePlus V Fold Gets Name Change Ahead of Launch

OnePlus V Fold

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We used to have a saying around here that, “nothing is official.” It still rings very true, as it’s getting tossed around that what we thought would be the OnePlus V Fold, the first foldable from the good people at OnePlus, will actually go by a different name when it launches later this year.

According to Twitter-based leaker @MaxJmb (Max Jambor), the first foldable from OnePlus will actually go by the name OnePlus Open.

As someone who will have to type the name countless times, I love it. Much better than OnePlus V Fold. In a more cerebral sense, you open foldables, so having it called OnePlus Open seems great. Plus, there’s already a well established Fold line of devices out there, so it’s best not to cause any consumer confusion.

OnePlus was apparently playing around with a few funky names before landing on OnePlus Open, such as OnePlus Wing (Tim’s internal thoughts: awful), OnePlus Prime (eh), OnePlus Peak (nope), and OnePlus Edge (pass).

We expect OnePlus to unveil Open in an official capacity later this year. We hear the specs will be amazing.

// @MaxJmb



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