T-Mobile Drops $1,000 Off Pixel Fold With Huge Trade-in List

Google Pixel Fold

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T-Mobile is the latest carrier to prop up the Google Pixel Fold and try to push you into buying one with a big time deal. After looking at their new $1,000-off promo, I actually think this is the one you might want to go for, assuming you are a T-Mobile customer.

There are actually two different deals from T-Mobile for the Fold that slash $1,000 off the price. The first involves adding a new line, which I can’t imagine you want to do. The other is a trade-in promo that gets you $1,000 off for trading in all sorts of random phones you might think would be worth only a couple of hundred dollars.

Let’s get the first one out of the way. If you add a line (on Magenta MAX or Go5G Plus), T-Mobile will give you a $1,000 discount on the Pixel Fold by spreading that amount out as monthly credits over 24 months. So it’s a 2-year contract, like everyone does. At $1,000 off, you would end up paying just $799.99 for Google’s crazy-expensive foldable, in addition to the two years of T-Mobile service.

The second deal is the one we like. This deal is a $1,000 trade-in offer, where T-Mobile will give you that discount for phones that are quite old. We’re talking about phones like the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note 10 (seriously). They’ll even give you $1,000 off for a Galaxy S20 FE or Galaxy S21 FE. Other options include the Pixel 7 Pro, OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro, and iPhones as old as the iPhone XR. The original Galaxy S20 FE debuted in 2020 for $700 – there’s no way it should ever be worth $1,000, yet here we are.

T-Mobile is also giving you $500 for another range of phones that includes some as old as the Pixel 4, iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, and OnePlus 7T. Yep, $500 for a no-longer-supported Pixel 4.

To get deal #2, you would need to be on Magenta MAX or Go5G Plus.

What’s the catch, you ask? There really isn’t one. These are pretty straight forward and standard wireless deals. T-Mobile is willing to give you $1,000 off by adding a line or by trading in any number of devices as long as you are on their most expensive plan for the next two years.

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