Verizon Unlimited Prepaid Plans Now Save $20 With Each New Line

Verizon 5G

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Shortly after the launch of Verizon’s new and questionable myPlan unlimited plans, we reminded you about Verizon’s prepaid unlimited data plans as the correct alternative. In fact, we called Verizon Unlimited Plus on prepaid their “best” unlimited plan because of price and included features that made it an incredible value over the new offerings. It is (still) the best plan you can get from Verizon.

Today, the company made that same prepaid line-up even more affordable for those who need more than a single line. Now, when you add a new line to either of the unlimited prepaid lines, you’ll save $20 per new line.

Recapping for a second here, you have two unlimited options with Verizon prepaid: Unlimited and Unlimited Plus. Unlimited starts at $50/mo with autopay and includes 5GB hotspot as well as access to Verizon’s slower nationwide 5G network. Unlimited Plus starts at $60/mo with autopay and includes 25GB mobile hotspot, 50GB of premium network access, and access to their faster 5G Ultra Wideband network.

With this new price change, Verizon is saying that you can start with a $60/mo Unlimited Plus plan and then add a second line for only $40 more because they are shaving off $20 with each new line. Here’s a further breakdown for both plans:

  • Unlimited Plans: Starting at $60/mo ($50/mo with Autopay or Loyal Discount Price). Two lines for $80, three lines for $110, or four lines for $140 per month.
  • Unlimited Plus Plans:┬áStarting at $70/mo ($60/mo with Autopay or Loyal Discount Price), two lines for $100, three lines for $140, or four lines for $180 per month.

Of course, since this is prepaid, you will need to bring your own phone. Verizon offers some phone deals for prepaid plans, but not like they do for their postpaid plan offerings like the myPlan plans. If you don’t already have a phone you can buy a ton of phones at discount from places like Amazon. The Pixel 7 was down to $499 just this week.

The new Verizon prepaid plan pricing is already live – go take a look.

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