Pixel 7 Gets Spicy $100 Discount Plus Bonus $100 Gift Card

Google Pixel 7

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When the Pixel 7 Pro price dropped yesterday by $200, we explained that the regular Pixel 7 seeing similar discounts going forward could be unlikely, thanks to the Pixel 7a slotted in at a price just below it. And then Amazon read our theory, laughed in big box retailer, and dropped the price while tossing in an added bonus.

You can buy a Pixel 7 today from Amazon for $499, which is $100 off and down from its $599 starting price. But on top of the discount, Amazon isĀ also tossing in a $100 gift card. So you save $100 off the Pixel 7 and you get another $100 to spend later on whatever. That’s actually kind of nuts.

Is this the best Pixel 7 deal ever? It might be.

In order to get a Pixel 7 with 128GB storage for $499 with the $100 gift card bonus, you’ll have to choose the Snow (white) model. The Obsidian and Lemongrass versions are not $100 off, but they do include the gift card. The 256GB models are also not seeing the discount + gift card – it’s only the Snow 128GB Pixel 7.

I’d imagine you are cool with that, as the Snow model is probably the cleanest of them all. Don’t get me wrong, the Lemongrass Pixel 7 is pretty and the version I own, but the appeal of its bronze or goldish frame has lost me. The silver frame x white back plate combo of Snow is my favorite at this point.

The Pixel 7 is still a great buy, by the way. It remains my favorite of all the Pixel 7 phones with its great size, lovely performance, and top tier camera. It still has years upon years of updates ahead of it too, so getting one for $499 is a heck of a smartphone investment. Here’s our review.

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