The Galaxy S22 Ultra is Yours for $799 Right Now ($400 Off)

Best Galaxy S22 Ultra Deal

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With the launch of the Galaxy S22 line, Samsung made a pledge to provide support for their best phones for a full 5 years. That 5 years would be filled with monthly security patches through most of it, along with 4 Android version updates. It’s the pledge that further cemented their claim as “King of Android Updates.”

I bring that up because you can buy phones from Samsung that are a year old and still get years upon years of updates. The Galaxy S22 line is the perfect example, since it is incredibly high-end and only a little over 1 year into support. You still have 3.5 years of security patches and another 3 Android version updates on the way, including Android 14 which should be here in a few months.

As much as we’d all love to own the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it’s insanely expensive without a proper trade-in or a fat wallet. So if turn to a device like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we are starting to see really great deals worth jumping on.

For the weekend, Amazon has discounted the Galaxy S22 Ultra to $799.99. This deal gets you 128GB storage and the device in a wonderful green color or black. The purplish burgundy color is discounted as well. I’d argue that green is the best color of the S22 line, but hey, you have choices. Need more storage? The 256GB model is $899 and the 512GB is around $70 more than that.

At $799, you are saving $400 off the original price that the S22 Ultra launched at ($1,199). It’s also well under Samsung’s current price of $949.99.

Since this is straight from Amazon, there’s a good chance you’ll get the device the same day you order it. You don’t need to deal with a trade-in process either – this is a cash discount, my friend. Anyways, go grab one and tell the world they don’t always need the newest of new, or something.

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