Are You Loyal to a Smartphone Brand, Like Google or Samsung?

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A little over a week ago, a survey made the rounds that showcased smartphone brand loyalty for Apple, Samsung, and Google. For Apple and Samsung, the results painted the picture of a couple of companies whose users are happy and plan to buy another of their devices with a future upgrade. For Google, the survey results showed the opposite and that of course captured our curiosity. Do people really not like their Google Pixel phones? Why do most find satisfaction with Samsung and Apple?

The infographic by Statista that showed the information didn’t dive into reasoning for the votes from people. Instead, it appears they were simply asked, “How likely are you to change your smartphone brand at the next possible occasion?” The choices were “(Very) Unlikely” and “(Very) Likely” for each brand.

For Apple phone owners, 49% said they were very unlikely to change to another smartphone brand. 44% of Samsung phone owners said the same thing. For the Google Pixel owners, only 26% said they were very unlikely to change, while 57% said they were very likely to look elsewhere. You can see why that grabbed our attention.

I certainly have some guesses as to why Google Pixel phone owners aren’t happy and might look to switch brands. Google’s phones deal with a good amount of annoying software bugs between releases. Recent device launches, like the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, were accompanied by well-documented cellular signal issues and overheating. Regularly scheduled monthly updates have been hit or miss for months at a time. And just last week, Google updated something on the back-end without notice that drained everyone’s batteries and caused their phones to heat up. Google had to acknowledge that they had caused the issue after public outcry and then rolled it back.

We know that Apple fans are famously loyal to Apple and typically stick with iPhones. The numbers in this survey for Apple do not surprise me. It appears that Samsung phone owners are finding themselves with similar feelings toward Samsung. I can’t say I blame either of them, as the issues their devices run into aren’t often as publicized or thought to be as critical. Google, on the other hand, can almost do nothing right in the minds of tech enthusiasts whenever their new phones arrive and they are vocal about it all.

But hey, I don’t want to guess, why don’t you just tell us? Are you loyal to Google or Samsung or Apple or OnePlus or any other smartphone brand? If so, why?



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