Samsung Slaps Bonus $50 on Galaxy S23+ Deal, $790 in Savings

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The week of Samsung Discover carries on and the current deal of the day is for the Galaxy S23+ that discounts the device by up to $740 with trade-in. Samsung is also tossing on a bonus $50 credit to let you buy accessories, like the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro or a case.

The Samsung Discover Galaxy S23+ Deal of the Day:

  • $740 off with trade-in: Samsung’s trade-in program will get you up to an instant $740 off the purchase of a Galaxy S23+ today. Again, depending on the trade, that’s almost 75% off the entire purchase price, immediately. Of course, you need certain phones to get that price, which at the moment only includes the best iPhone available. Samsung’s best trade-in options include the Galaxy Fold 4 ($700), Galaxy S22 Ultra ($610), and the Galaxy S21 Ultra ($440).
  • Bonus $50 credit: As an added bonus to sweeten the deal some, Samsung will give you $50 on Samsung Credit to spend at the time of purchase. You can use this for almost anything Samsung sells, like a case for your new phone, earbuds, a vacuum, monitor, TV, etc.

Because this is a Galaxy S23+ “deal of the day,” that means the bonus $50 credit will disappear tomorrow. You could still fetch a lot in trade-in discounts later on, as Samsung is constantly shuffling those values, but the extra $50 will go away.

Need a refresher on the Galaxy S23+, which I would argue is probably the best Samsung phone for most people? Here’s my Galaxy S23+ review where I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. That might be a first.

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