T-Mobile Introduces New Go5G and Go5G Plus Plans: All the Details are Here

T-Mobile Go5G Plus Features

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T-Mobile held a new Uncarrier event today to announce several new initiatives at the growing wireless carrier. They called out Verizon and AT&T for pushing 3-year contracts, are giving customers a way to get out of those and switch to T-Mobile, and most importantly, are offering up a couple of new data plans called Go5G and Go5G Plus.

For those looking to make a switch to T-Mobile and want to know all about these new Go5G plans, let’s dive into them.

You’ll see a full Go5G and Go5G Plus plan comparison below, with all of their included features. As far as we can tell, these are a lot like the Magenta and Magenta Max plans you might already be on, only they include a slight price increase and more data to use in certain situations.

The basics are that you get unlimited talk and text, along with unlimited data. For Go5G, that data is “premium” 5G data up to 100GB before potentially being throttled a bit. For the Go5G Plus plan, you get unlimited “premium” data. Where the increases show is in hotspot and Canada/Mexico use.

Folks on Go5G get 15GB of high-speed data for hotspots, as well as 10GB of high-speed data when in Mexico and Canada. For Go5G Plus, hotspot data jumps to 50GB along with 15GB for Canada/Mexico use. In Magenta and Magenta Max, hotspot high-speed data was capped at 5GB and 40GB, respectively, and only 5GB for both plans when in Canada/Mexico.

T-Mobile is still including things like free Apple TV+ and Netflix, flight streaming sessions, and 5GB of international data. That’s pretty much it, though.

In terms of pricing, Go5G and Go5G Plus prices are both up by $5 per month on single lines. So you have starting prices of $75/mo for Go5G and $90/mo for Go5G Plus. Also, for Go5G Plus at lines 1, 2, 3, and 4 you would pay $90, $150, $150, and $185. Those are all increase across the board from $5 up to $15 per month. Taxes and fees are included, by the way.

If you were hoping for a discount, it’s coming through the Essentials Savings plan, which is actually seeing a drop to $50/mo from $60/mo. All of its features appear to be the same as they were.

T-Mobile Go5G and Go5G Plus Plan Features

T-Mobile Go5G Plans Features

What’s happening to Magenta and Magenta Max? The press release from T-Mobile says that the new Go5G plans will live “alongside” Magenta, as if Magenta aren’t quite ready to go away. I can’t imagine they’ll be around for much longer, though, as these plans are all very similar to each other. I know that T-Mobile will say this is to offer you more choices, but they are basically the same plans with minor bumps in data.

The new Go5G plans arrive on April 23.

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