New T-Mobile Magenta Max Plan has No Throttling, Lots of Hotspot Data

T-Mobile Magenta Max

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A new T-Mobile wireless plan arrives this week that is built for those who want to consumeĀ all the data. Called T-Mobile Magenta Max, this plan claims it has no throttling on either 4G or 5G networks and still provides unlimited data.

Magenta Max, which launches February 24 as a replacement for Magenta Plus, includes unlimited 4G and 5G data, as I already mentioned, but T-Mobile says they won’t throttle this plan at any time, meaning there should be no data caps. This should be truly unlimited “Premium Data” that won’t slow even if you hit 500GB in a month. I guess we’ll find out if T-Mobile will honor that should a bunch of you test the limits.

In addition to the premium data, T-Mobile is including unlimited 4K streaming, 40GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data, Netflix Standard on family plans, and unlimited Gogo in-flight WiFi.

How much does Magenta Max cost? T-Mobile won’t say how much a single line will cost, but did offer up a $57/line price when you have three lines on your account with autopay activated. For a limited time, they are pricing it at $47/line. With the current Magenta Plus plan priced at $85/mo for single line accounts, I’d guess this Magenta Max plan will cost right around $100/mo if you don’t have multiple lines.

T-Mobile purposely makes these announcements as confusing as possible when it comes to pricing, so I apologize for not being more clear here.

T-Mobile is also updating their regular Magenta plan with double the “Premium Data” from 50GB to 100GB per month. They are increasing the hotspot from 3GB to 5GB of high-speed data too. Those upgrades come with a price increase to $47/line from $40/line.

New Magenta Max Plan

Who is ready to see how much data they can use like the old days?

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