Pixel 7a Price Could Jump to $499

Google Pixel 6a

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In just under a month, you might be able to buy the new Google Pixel 7a. That’s according to a new report that believes we’ll see Google’s new mid-range phone arrive at Google I/O and go on sale with almost immediate availability.

The folks at 9to5Google heard from a source who works in retail and believes that the Pixel 7a will be in all of our hands on May 11, if we want one. To get a 7a, we’ll have to pay $499.

Unpacking all of that, let’s start with the date. May 11 is the day after Google I/O begins, so assuming this is the date for Pixel 7a arrival, this could mean that Google will announce the phone on May 10 and then tell you to go buy one the following day at Best Buy or from the Google Store. Or maybe they’ll announce it’s availability right away on May 10, but this retail source is suggesting you won’t actually be able to get one until May 11. Either way, you won’t have to wait long.

As for the price, yes, this is indeed a price increase over the Pixel 6a, which started at $449 last year. Google is upgrading the Pixel 7a in a variety of ways, with a 90Hz display, new camera setup, wireless charging, and Tensor G2. This should be a sizable upgrade over the Pixel 6a, so this price increase isn’t that surprising, we just hope there are discounts around the corner.

You may recall the past year of Pixel 6a discounts that saw the phone start at $449 but then dropped time and time again to $299. In fact, you’ve been able to buy a Pixel 6a for $299 for almost all of 2022. While Google hasn’t announced a permanent price drop to $299 for the 6a, it certainly feels like they made that move.

So to recap, the Google Pixel 7a launch date is likely May 10 or May 11 and it should cost $499. You buying?



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