Ookla’s Q1 2023 Report: T-Mobile Fastest Carrier, Galaxy S23 Ultra Fastest Device

T-Mobile 5G

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Ookla’s report for Q1 2023 has been published, highlighting the speed, consistency, availability, and performance of our current 5G landscape here in the US. For those looking to save the time, we can tell you that it’s more of the same for T-Mobile. By that I mean they are continuing to pull in the Ws, again this time in 5G speed, 5G availability, and 5G performance.

Let’s have a look at the specifics. In Ookla’s testing, T-Mobile came in with a median download speed of 165Mbps, which crushed Verizon’s 75Mbps and AT&T’s 68Mbps.

What good are fast speeds if you can’t access them, though? Ookla’s testing shows T-Mobile as scoring the highest in 5G availability with a score of 71.1%, which to be more clear, “captures the percentage of users on 5G-capable devices that spend the majority of their time on 5G, both roaming and on-network.” In this same test, Verizon scores just 37.6%, which is relatively abysmal.

It’s important to note that the way these firms do the testing and how they score it is important. Each quarter or half of a year, we get different results for who is most reliable and who is fastest. If you ask Ookla, it’s been T-Mobile for a while. If you ask RootMetrics, it’s usually always Verizon because they say that they test more rural areas.

From the consumer standpoint, it seems you can’t make a bad choice. With that said, we always recommend choosing the carrier that supports your area the best and suits your needs. What works for me won’t always work for you, so be sure to do your homework and don’t put much thought into these reports/tests.

Lastly, Ookla talks about devices. For us Android folk, things are looking good. According to the tests, the Galaxy S23 Ultra came in with the highest median download and upload speed, followed by the Z Fold 4, and Pixel 7 Pro. Below those three is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Sorry, iPhone friends.

Check out the full report by following the link below.

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