Maybe Stay Away From Those Cheap Android TV Boxes?

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If you’ve ever shopped for an Android TV box before, whether it be on Amazon or somewhere like AliExpress, you’ve probably seen no shortage of very inexpensive options from manufacturers you’ve never heard of. These options can be as low as $30, but can sometimes include 4K resolution and up to 4GB RAM. For $30, it seems like a no brainer.

Unfortunately, it appears that many of these boxes are infected with malware, with this news first really making headlines back in January. Now, YouTube channel Linus Tech TipsĀ has purchased more of these boxes, confirming that many do indeed come with malware preloaded onto the OS. And it’s not limited to a particular model either.

The way the malware works is simple. You purchase the box, install it, and everything seems to be normal on the user end. However, it’s what takes place on the backend that is extremely sketchy. The infected boxes monitor traffic, can install applications, feed you ads, download more infected firmware from overseas servers, and plenty else. It’s an interesting video and a fine next step in this story about cheap Android TV boxes.

Moral of the story? Buy a SHIELD TV.



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