Galaxy Z Fold 4 Up to $700 Off in Deal of the Day

Galaxy Z Fold 4 - Android 14 Update

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The Samsung Discover sales week continues on this hump day with a Galaxy Fold 4 deal to consider. Depending on the phone currently in your pocket, you could use it as a trade to get an easy $700 off, plus Samsung is tossing in another $50 to use as a credit towards accessories or other goodies.

This is a pretty typical Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 deal. Like the launch deals or those we find during the holidays, Samsung wants you to trade in a phone and get an instant credit for it to use towards a new phone, which in this scenario is their best foldable to date.

If you have a Galaxy Fold 3 or Galaxy S22 Ultra, they’ll give you $700 off – today. If you have a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you’ll get $650 off. After that, trade prices drop to $550 if you have a Fold 2 or S21 Ultra, followed by $525 for a Galaxy S22+ or $500 for the original Galaxy Fold. And again, those are instant credit values that drop the price off today. You can see your phone’s value here.

With a $700 discount, a Galaxy Fold 4 can be yours for $1,099. Should you not have a phone from last year to trade, a $650 discount still drops the price to $1,149, which is pretty great.

Of course, the Galaxy Fold 5 should be here this summer, so within 5-6 months, there will be a newer foldable than the Galaxy Fold 4. We still don’t know if Samsung is going to do a massive overhaul of their biggest foldable or not, but knowing there weren’t massive changes from the Fold 2 up through the Fold 4, this may once again be another chill year in the improvement department.

Need to catch up on the Galaxy Fold 4 after all these months? Our review, where Tim called it “Nearly perfected,” is worth a read. We’re big fans of big foldables that have all the specs. We love them more when they can be had for huge discounts, like we are seeing here with this Samsung Discover event.



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